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The use of Shell Scheme Enhancement achieves a significant improvement over traditional portable display boards, pop-ups and banners and, as a result, is the preferred solution for an increasing number of exhibitors, exhibition designers and exhibition contractors when planning their shell scheme exhibition stand designs, both in the UK and overseas. The system is quick and easy to transport and set up.

How it works


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Velcro covered plastic attachments fit into the shell scheme posts to give a flat surface to attach the rolled up graphic panels with ease creating a seamless graphic finish. (You will require 3 attachments per post)


The attachments fit into every post allowing the graphics to flow like wallpaper around corners and all walls to fill you shell scheme space without losing any floor space.


Convert this blank space                                                   Into a professional stand

What you will need: 

Qdos White Magiclad with Full Colour Print Plus Laminate Seal

Qdos White Magiclad is a specialised fluted PVC that enables the panels to be rolled into tubes for quick and easy transportation and installation. All panels are supplied fully printed and are coated in a protective laminate seal. The panels are also supplied with velcro on the rear for easy installation using the Shell Clad uprights.

The number of panels you would require will depend on the size of the shell scheme you are exhibiting in.

code product width & height price  
SS-MG 3,5mm 990x2400 £209.00

Qdos Shell-Clad Uprights

Qdos Shell Clad uprights are supplied with loop velcro for easy installation of Magiclad graphic panels into your shell scheme.

Please match the type of shell scheme you are using to exhibit against the blue or black uprights listed below:


Burkhardt Leitner, Crea8, Maima M1000, Maxima, Meroform, Normex, Octanorm, Pion, Quad 4, R8, Syma 408 and all Octanorm derivatives


Agem, Aluset, Click, Ford+Barley, Linx, Modul, Nimlok, Nomadic Design Line, Sodem, Syma Molto (30/90) and Unibox

You will need 3 No. Shell Clad uprights per post in the shell scheme.

SS-SSU1 - Black
SS-SSU2 - Blue

Qdos Shell-Clad Corners

Qdos Shell Clad Corner uprights are face fixed to the Shell Clad uprights attached to the corner posts within the shell scheme.  This will allow the Magiclad graphic panels to flow around each corner creating a wallpaper like seamless finish. The Corner uprights come complete with loop velcro applied to the front for easy installation of your Magiclad graphic panels along with double sided tape applied to the rear for simple and secure fixing to the Shell Clad uprights.

3 No. Shell Clad Corner uprights and Shell Clad uprights are needed for each corner post within the shell scheme.

code product width & height price  
SS-SSC Black 45x800 £10.00

Past Shell Clad Enhancements


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